Top 10 Birds to Own

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There are huge numbers of people who like to have birds as their pets. This list of top 10 birds to own will surely help people looking for a pet bird.

1. Cockatiels

These birds are rated to be the best among the top 10 birds to own. This bird is known to be the favorite of most of the bird owners. They are very affectionate and at the same time very interactive. These birds are easy to maintain and at the same time inexpensive. It is very important to take them for annual veterinary examinations and keep interacting with them.


2. African Grey Parrots

This bird is known for its sensitivity, quiet nature and intelligence. Their calm nature is one of their advantages and at the same time they remain affectionate. Though it is large in size but one can easily handle them own them easily.

African Grey Parrots

3. Budgerigars

These birds are optimal in size and they have a playful and affectionate nature. One can easily take care of them and will never any problems for their maintenance. The biggest advantage of these birds is their nature as they can fit in all types of home. They don’t make much noise as their sound level is very low. Budgerigars have a nice talking ability and are energetic. They can make a great company as they have a very playful nature.


4. Cockatoos

These birds are extremely intelligent and have good qualities that a bird owner would like to have in a pet. Some of the good characteristics of Cockatoos are their loving nature, gentleness and their intelligence. They know some verbal commands but don’t have a large vocabulary. Among Cockatoos the Umbrella Cockatoos are known to be the best. They are neither very large nor small. They love to play with toys and destroy them even faster.


5. Conures

Among all the Conures birds the Green Cheeked Conures are the favorite of most of the bird owners. They rank well in the list of top 10 birds to own because of their gentleness and loyalty. Along with this they are known to be extremely messy, sweet, lovable and smart. The Conures catch up things very fast and one does not need to teach them much.


6. Macaws

The Macaws have a good vocal power and are known to be very affectionate. They are very interactive and sometimes they can prove to be very noisy. They can prove to be a true delight while talking and their small size makes them look very cute.


7. Poicephalus

The Poicephalus parrots are famous among different parrots as they are not too loud and smaller in size. They can be little shy at times and it is very easy to take care of them.


8. Amazon Parrots

The Amazon Parrots are loved by different bird owners because of their affectionate nature and strong personality. They don’t talk much and can be moody at times.

Amazon Parrots

9. Quaker Parrots

Quaker Parrots have a very strong personality and are very small in size. One will not find any problems while looking after them as they are known to be very intelligent.

Quaker Parrots

10. Pionus

The Pionus is known to be the best for the first time owners. They are playful, have low temper, likes attention and don’t bite strangers.

pionus parrots

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